Eve in the News

Finding a little magic in a new cafe

Click to read a nice story from the Evanston Review, with a guest appearance by Eve!

July 2015 The Renaissance Woman on Grove Street

Click to read about Eve and the Gallery from the "Everything Evanston" blog  

May 2015 Pompeii Event covered by Sheridan Road Magazine

May 2015 Pompeii Event covered by Evanston Magazine

Eve J. Aliflle: Prolific, Passionate And Practical

JCK - The Industry AuthorityWalking into Eve J. Alfillé Bijoux D'Art is an unforgettable experience. The Evanston, Ill., gallery is a work of art and creative merchandising.

Eve Alfillé designed the gallery and all the jewelry in it. The gallery's feminine colors, living-room furniture and drapings of tulle and velvet are faintly reminiscent of a Victoria's Secret store. So is the classical music in the background. But there the resemblance ends, because the gilt and velvet work in tandem with sculptured plaster, broken glass, wood, even chicken wire.
Read more at JCK Magazine

Hooked on History

Hooked on HistoryTwo Medieval series rings (top and center), inspired by Gothic architecture. The top ring, in 18K gold, features a moonstone, green tourmalines, lavender sapphires, and rubies. The bottom ring, in 14K gold, has a brilliant 0.73-ct. table-cut diamond surrounded by yellow diamonds and rubies.

Chicago Social Brides Magazine

Fall / Winter 2009

Chicago Social Brides Magazine - Fall / Winter 2009Chicago Social Brides Magazine featured this fun wedding story.

Can you guess who designed and created their rings?

The Bride Wore Tattoos 

Make It Better Magazine

Make It Better Magazine - April 2010April 2010

Evanston Jewelry Designer Eve Alfille Will Unveil her New Collection May 1

The Instore Show

Interview with Eve

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