About Eve Alfillé

Jewelry Designer, Teacher, Poet, Sculptor...

About Eve Alfille

Eve has endless determination and artistic fervor, delivered with an air of humility, a gentle voice and a ready smile. Reaching back into her rich European heritage and multilingual background, she readied herself with degrees in business, historical linguistics and medieval poetry and went to work as a teacher, field archaeologist and sculptor in large metal forms.

Her metamorphosis began in the desert on a dig, when, astounded by the preeminence of fine ornament even in humble ancient cultures, Alfillé resolved to enter into her fruitful journey.

Eve's last name, which is French, is pronounced "Al-fee'yay."

Eve's Artistic Mission

"As an artist, I chose jewelry because it harkens back to humankind's very beginnings: If you were a prehistoric person, walking on a beach or in the forest, and you suddenly found a small, mysterious, wonderful glowing thing, a pearl, a gem, what would you do?

Wearing skins, or leaves, you have no pockets, no place to save this unique thing: you have to find a way, maybe drill it or wrap it in vines, and wrap it around your neck, the only secure, out of the way place.

Jewelry started this way, a need for something so magical, so transcendent that it made you forget the harshness of life, the difficulty of surviving to another spring.

In becoming one of a long chain of keepers of the world's gems, I satisfy both my need to be linked to our common past, and to highlight and preserve these incredible gifts of nature. To highlight the beauty and power of nature I like to mesh uncommon organic materials in their unadulterated form with more familiar polished and faceted gemstones and precious metals."

Eve's jewelry is crafted one at a time, here in our downtown Evanston studio, by talented goldsmiths and artisans. If the piece you want is a "special order" item, please allow us time to create it for you. Naturally, prices will be determined at the time you place your order, based on current market conditions.

Eve is continually creating new treasures, so please visit us again online, or come to the Gallery in Evanston to see even more fabulous jewelry!