Design Series

A design series is a grouping of jewelry pieces that are related to each other by a theme. Eve creates a new jewelry series every six months. They appear alphabetically below, most with a short story or poem from Eve about the series. Click on the name or the picture to go to the individual jewelry pieces.

"With each of my Series, I tell a story: of  the woods, the water, the sky, of the long history of nations and of the love between two people. Then you will add your story, and that of your family, to entwine into a delicate, precious, unique jewel, for you and for generations to come."


A Winter's Tale
Acanthus Series
Alone Together Series
Antiquities Series
Architectural Series
Asia Series
Au fond des choses Series
Aux Portes Series
Crown of Leaves Series
Dancing Under the Stars
Deja Vu
Dream Series
Dwellings & Habitats
Eau de Vie Series
Edge of the Forest Series
E Pluribus Unum
Endangered Species
Entomology 101 Series
Etoile Filante Series
Feathers Series
First Light Series
Garden of Eden Series
Homage to Klimt
Homage to Matisse
In Great Spirits
Jazz Age Series
Jet d'eau Series
Just Desserts
Latitude and Longitude
Les Animaliers Series
Les Petites Fruits Series
Lilly Series
Lunar Garden Series
Medieval Series
Nexus Series
No Forwarding Address Series
Objective Correlative Series
Ombre et lumiere Series
Organic Series
Petal Series
Pompeii Series
Raining at Rosehill Series
Rain Series
Sacred Geometries
Sea of Sargasso Series
Signs of Civilization Series
Stone Flower Series
Tradewinds Series
Umbel & Corymb Series
Undercurrents Series
Voyage to Antarctica Series
Weather Report