Just Desserts

“Just Desserts” Series Artist Statement

Don’t you wonder why cupcakes wear frills?
Why truffles look like jewels, large cakes are done
Up with ruffles
Of the sweetest cream?
Not to mention petit-fours
Awash in fondant
Like the last vestiges
Of the Court at Versailles?…

Our beloved, why Sweetie?
or Sugar? or Honey?
And not, I don’t know,
maybe Roast Beef
or Turnip?

Do not feel guilt for the ice cream
Spooned from the tub at midnight!
Make amends to all the children
You sent to bed without dessert!

I grew up hearing that in heaven
The angels get to eat rice pudding,
But I’d rather have creme brulee:
To each their own ambrosia,
To each their just desserts.

Eve J. Alfillé

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