In Great Spirits

“In Great Spirits” Series Artist Statement

Drinking Horn
Kylix & Kantharos
Chalice & Beaker
Tankard & Stein
Quaich & Tassie
Flask & Wineskin
Quart in a Paper Bag
Flute & Snifter
Loving Cup

“It is not good for Man to be alone”
Or Woman.

The new wine is poured. Sulking, I
have not trod the grapes in the village vat.

But still: harvest time, the moon, songs rise
And campfires, ancestral memories, draw us near.

What subtle philter
was poured into my glass tonight?
“Alle Menschen sind brüder”
Und Schwester.
I see candles lit in all your eyes. The joy we share
Is multiplied, not divided.

That is my theorem.
Drink, or don’t, but draw close to me.
Together we’ll harvest
In great spirits.

-Eve Alfillé

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