Dancing Under the Stars

“Dancing Under the Starts” Series Artist Statement

Like in the beautiful painting Carnival, (1908), by Lionel Feininger, my new series “Dancing under the Stars” is animated by a stirring contrast of warm and cool colors, and strong textures representing human passions cooled by the cosmos.
My warm side is ablaze with rubies, orange garnets, red garnets, burgundy sapphires and amethysts. Their ardor is quenched by the teal blues and greens of tourmalines, muddy aquamarines, fine labradorites blue as the night sky and the tang of wonderful peridots.
Those colors and textures reappear, confirmed by the complexity of Diane Alfillé’s art glass collages.
The series is bold, passionate, and speaks of artists equally at ease in the daily world and that of dreams.

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