Déjà vu


“Deja vu” Series Artist Statement:

Can you believe it’s been twenty-five years?
Twenty-five years of taming the wild feathers of inspiration to land at precise times, a precise place, my studio twenty-five years of flight, an arc of light, of color, of strength, subsumed into tiny precious objects: Each a poem, a meditation sometimes shyly, sometimes gaily submitted for approval. And I cannot be more grateful for all of you, who read this, my muses, my patrons throughout. Thank you, you who saw an object, and cradled it, and offered it to the altar of someone you loved and wanted to honor. What a chance you took, to adopt one of my children.  And to love it daily. Thank you. Do it again. Maybe it glistens on your finger, mindful of vows taken. Pearls, or a shimmering thing, your work’s reward. Or, unique, the gems that called your name? Whatever you chose, Whatever you undertook to take home, Please know it helped me. And freed me to explore, and bring to earth, one by one, each spring and fall hewn from rock and earth and fire and time the many inspirations, the tiny precious objects the many series of the past twenty five years.

-Eve Alfillé


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