First Light


“First Light” Series Artist Statement

Time suspended.. A breath, a mere instant of huge promise, A stir in the already scarce night air. Small crash of branches nearby A first alert.

But all is still, maybe a dream?

Breath quickens, what is about to..? From a tight bud a leaf uncoils? Nothing. Go back to sleep. Or maybe watch quiet and silent

The latent power of first arousal.

It is the moment when we dream of heroes; The day has not dawned, all that is good Will be. Ravelled overnight The sleeve of care now mail and armor.

A merest gleam where earth meets sky.

Watch carefully: all the power of the day lies coiled in this moment. Don’t miss preternatural silence in the woods.

Don’t miss the orchestra sliding into its seats.

Five o’clock now. Every bird has synchronized Its inner electronics, and a hymn of sound Ascends at once from every branch. Half an hour, to the second, then suspends

As the sun, the day, the world
Rises. First Light.

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