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Dwellings & Habitats Virtual Opening

December 2, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

Thank you for joining us for Eve’s “Virtual Opening” for her new series “Dwellings & Habitats”

We are so happy that you joined us – thank you so much! There were some technical difficulties, but eventually we had a nice virtual opening party. Hopefully, we will see you again, either online or in person, this coming Spring!

Click here to go to Eve’s blog for more about Eve’s new series!


Eve’s Artist Statement for
“Dwellings & Habitats”

The snail inside its shell, the fox in its burrow, sparrows gathering
twigs – I watch and see how we crave structure,
a place to rest, to be, to dwell…

About two years ago, I began to think about jewels in praise
of habitat. Reeds and poles, bricks and stones.
I hunted for rough gems that could be bricks,
clear aquamarines like the sky through a window,
and all the while, it was going to be just that: the entrance
to my house as a brooch, tiny fireplaces for earrings?

But, just like when I was a very small child and war erupted around us,
suddenly things changed.

Home became essential refuge, each window and door, each wall
and recess barnacled with feelings as time went on…
My skies are cloudy, but my heart flies !
I am sheltered within these walls,
but how I feel all of you, at once,
awaiting the end of the storm!

So these votive objects, these recent works I will show you,
even as they started as plain houses,
abodes, castles, demesnes, huts or lean-tos,
now they are something else.

Lush creamy pearl clouds soar free across the skies,
amethyst and softly purpled sapphire speak
of humbler rejoicing, of grave yet proud times,
and my moonstones this time are gems for
introspection, imperfect crystal balls.

Do not look, this time for a common code, granulation, hexagons,
burned edges. But there will arise, I think, a yearning we have
for more serene mornings, a deep sigh and the hope for clarity
at noon and refreshed dreams through the long nights.

With you and your collected wishes we will return to life’s small joys.

Eve Alfille, November 2020


December 2, 2020
7:00 pm