“Glacier” palladium and diamond ring


“Glacier” ring from Eve’s “A Winter’€™s Tale” series

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Got ice? This unusual & icy diamond & palladium “Glacier” ring is from Eve’s “A Winter’s Tale” series. Eve has used the silvery-smooth metal, palladium, for this delicate one of a kind ring. Featured is a hexagonal diamond flanked by 2 diamond bullets with tiny, round brilliant cut diamonds sparkling within the palladium setting. The hexagonal table-cut diamond is 0.93 carats (G/VS), and the 2 side diamonds total 0.43 carats (F/VS2). The added glitter of the 10 diamonds, like tiny ice droplets, weigh in at 0.05 carats (E-F/VS).

Palladium and it’s cousin platinum are both Noble metals from the platinum group on the scientific periodic table of elements. Though its strength and durability match that of platinum, palladium is lighter, easier to work with and easier to obtain, making it the perfect white-gold substitute (palladium is a brighter, cleaner white than most mixes of white gold, which makes it hold the sparkle of diamonds better).

Size 7, but can be adjusted up/down one size. Contact us if you need a different size! This is the perfect ring for the woman whoe loves art and the unusual.


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